Intestinal Microbiota, Obesity and Prebiotics

Renata E. Barczynska, Katarzyna M. Bandurska, Katarzyna Slizewska, Mieczyslaw Litwin, Mieczyslaw Szalecki, Zdislawa Libudzisz, Janusz T. Kapusniak
Pol J Microbiol
2015; 64 (2):
ICID: 1160938
Article type: Review article
IC™ Value: 8.00
Abstract provided by Publisher
Over the past few decades there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of obesity in both children and adults. Obesity is a disease that has reached epidemic levels on a global scale. The development of obesity is associated with both environmental and genetic factors. Recent studies indicate that intestinal microorganisms play an important function in maintaining normal body weight. One of the objectives in the gut microbiota research is to determine the role it plays and can it be a reliable biomarker of disease risk, including the predisposition to obesity. This article discusses (1) the role of prebiotics and gut microbiota in maintaining a healthy body weight and (2) potential influence on the gut microbiota in the prevention and treatment of obesity.

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