Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristics of Selected Bacterial Groups in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Dorota Roszak, Mirosława Gałęcka, Wojciech Cichy, Patrycja Szachta
Pol J Microbiol
2016; 65 (2):
ICID: 1204483
Article type: Short communication
IC™ Value: 6.00
Abstract provided by Publisher
The aim of the study was evaluation of qualitative and quantitative changes in bacterial ecosystem in 109 children with inflammatory bowel diseases. Stools obtained from patients were analysed for selected bacteria and concentration of faecal inflammatory markers (calprotectin, lactoferrin, M2-PK). The number of selected microorganisms depends on the level of clinical activity of disease and is correlated with faecal concentration of inflammatory markers. Differences in microflora disturbance, observed in patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, may suggest different causes of development of both pathologies.
DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1204483

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