An update on some structural aspects of the mighty miniwall.

Zdzisław Markiewicz, Magdalena Popowska
Pol J Microbiol
2011; 60 (3):
ICID: 981791
Article type: Review article
IC™ Value: 11.21
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Peptidoglycan (PG), the mighty miniwall, is the main structural component of practically all bacterial cell envelopes and has been the subject of a wealth of research over the past 60 years, if only because its biosynthesis is the target of many antibiotics that have successfully been used in the treatment of bacterial infections. This review is mainly focused on the most recent achievements in research on the modification of PG glycan strands, which contribute to the resistance of bacteria to the host immune response to infection and to their own lytic enzymes, and on studies on the spatial organization of the macromolecule.
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